Exactly like many other software house, also Bungie has been affected by the consequences of the emergency Coronavirus, which has forced the closure, at least temporary, of their places of work.

A condition that has placed the team in the face of great difficulties, since engaged in regular and frequent phases of testing and quality control of Destiny 2. Move these activities in smart working, reveals the team, would have great challenges, both in terms of safety of the material in development, both in terms of feasibility and replacing the necessary hardware at the homes of employees Bungie. The solution, he told the house, was finally reached by using the Google Ruler.

It was a unique experience. – tells the head tester of the construction of the port of Destiny 2 for the platform – Because historically we have always been on the traditional platforms, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, PC. Embark on this strange new streaming platform was a unique challenge. From a certain point of view it was also very interesting: after being in the CQ long enough, everything is quite similar. See things from another perspective poses new challenges, which is always a very good thing”. Focusing on the contribution provided during the period of lockdown, the team at Bungie has shown: “On Staff, we can release a build so that all of the instances that we use, you will automatically receive at the same time. We can very easily set up 300 instances, and start the game by pressing a simple button, which is fantastic. Managing a testing of considerable size, and to do otherwise is simply impossible“.

Among the most recent updates related to the universe of the Guardians, remember the announcement of the landing of Desiny 2 on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, while it was parallel confirmed the return of the Hawk Moon in Destiny 2.