So ended the first “Staff table” on “the Avengers” from Square Enix, which showed several fresh trailers and gameplay snippet for the Torah, and introduces a cooperative task.
In the story trailer for the Avengers learn that five years ago in San Francisco they still have framed, and for what happened is MODOC. The villain is trying to show people super-powered menace to society and intends to destroy them — even if he had to die.
In addition, the video showed the Leader and Abomination — enemies of the Hulk.
Then showed the 7-minute segment for the Torah, which is monotonically fighting on helicarrier with a large spider robot and its wards.
Then the developers gave more information about pumping, through which players can customize each character by itself — this applies to active skills, perks, equipment and unique costumes for the opening some of whom have to pass a unique setting.
But in fact, the story campaign will be a warm-up to the cooperative, where the unique characters players will be much more actively interact. Tasks for such attacks give characters like Jarvis, Maria hill, or Hank Pym.
In total, the game will be 7 types of missions:
  • Story campaign;
  • “Battlefield” is a multiple — step job with the cooperative;
  • Job’s “factions” — the mission for resistance (appear after completing campaign);
  • “The landing zone” mission with a single objective like protecting allies or sabotage;
  • “Hives” — raids on the fortress (high complexity);
  • “Warehouse” — mission in great locations, where to find the repository based on the survey data;
  • “Zone villain” — a chain of tasks, in the ending where you have to fight one of the villains in Marvel.

Full record

The game will be held on 4 September on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Until the end of the year it will reach PS5 and Xbox Series X.
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