Finnish player Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen of team Liquid Team was not allowed to tournaments in Hearthstone. And why Blizzard is against his involvement, told his wife Mikkonen, Christine.
As it turned out, Kristina Mikkonen was among the 800 Blizzard employees who are laid off during reductions in early 2019 — mostly it affected the community managers. While in summer the company announced a new recruitment for the same positions.
Kristina Mikkonen at that time left a number of angry and somewhat abusive messages on Twitter addressed to the management company and the current managers. The girl suggests that this could be the main cause of the disgrace of her husband.

This is the reason that was given to me when I said I want to play at this event. My wife was part of the 800 layoffs and she spoke up about the injust practices of company. I was told I am a liability because of who I am married to.

— Janne Mikkonen (@Savjz) June 23, 2020

According to Savjz, the work of his wife could also affect Blizzard’s decision in another aspect: the company could be afraid that the athlete will be available some inside information he may report “disloyal” to his wife.
After Mikkonen and his wife described the situation, with the player kontaktirovat a representative of Blizzard. He claimed that the reason for the refusal to sign NDA-agreement, although he Savjz says that he and no one offered.

I got an apology from the community lead.

I am now OK to participate in future events, and my wife is OK to visit future live events as a guest.

I had no idea this would blow up the way it did. Thanks to everyone who sort of came to my aid? I don’t know how to say it better.

— Janne Mikkonen (@Savjz) June 24, 2020

Anyway, problem solved: Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen to participate in tournaments for Hearthstone. He was even allowed to bring his wife with him as a guest. Official comments from Blizzard followed.

We still feel like we were treated unfairly, but I really want to just move past this.

— Janne Mikkonen (@Savjz) June 24, 2020

We still feel that we were treated unfairly, but now I just want to leave it all behind and move on
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