The most awaited day by all the players of Pokémon Sword and Shield is finally here: Nintendo and Game Freak have finally published Lonely Island of the Armature the first of the two adventures included in the Pass Expansions, from € 29.99.

Solitary island of the Armature includes lands unheard of by explore, so many new creatures, and some of the old knowledge, regional variants, legendary Pokémon, forms, Gigamax, and much more. On the Lonely Island of the Armor you will find beaches swept by the waves, forests, swamps, caves and sand dunes, and you can visit a dojo and fights Pokémon, where you and your Pokémon, you will take an apprenticeship with Mustard, the master of this dojo. A taste of the many new content can be found in the trailer attached at the top of the news, with whom Nintendo has accompanied the launch of this expansion.

While waiting for the review, we recommend that you read the special written by Cydonia, one of the leading experts on Pokémon in Italy, in which are illustrated the main features of Solitary Island of the Armature. Before I leave you, also remember that the publication of the second expansion, the Lands of Snowy Crown, is expected in the fall.