No, Gunfire Games has not ended with the Remnant : From the Ashes, as the studio announces a new DLC called “Subject 2923”. Expected for August 20th on PC, Xbox One and PS4 (a year to the day after the game’s release), the extension will help to discover the origins of the Dreamers and how they connect to the Root, notably with an expedition to the Service Premium, and several new places such as rural land, an abandoned military base on the Land in ruins, or even the summits frozen in the world of Reisum.

Naturally, in order to face the new bosses, the developers have integrated the new weapons and modifiers, new armor sets and their appearance, and new accessories. Finally, we announced an update for the modes Survival, Adventure and Hardcore. “New threats arise with monsters, dungeons and bosses Reisum enrich the modes of Survival and Adventure, is it mentioned. The Hardcore mode receives for its part a set of new rewards.” It should be noted that access to the Survival mode requires you to own the DLC “Swamps of Corsus”.