With the next-gen that has less of the sensational reversals will start officially in a few months, the leak and the rumor about the console Sony and Microsoft can not be inevitable, especially since both PS5 and Xbox Series X still have items to unravel. One very important? The price.

PS5 has already been the protagonist of an alleged leak that indicated a price of about 665€, unn leak, which was promptly denied, but that has inevitably raised a fuss. In these hours it is circulating, however, a leak different on Reddit is already making to discuss a long time, and that would be really interesting would then be actually credible.

According to this alleged leak from Amazon France, the base model (the one with optical reader) of the PS5 will cost €499,99, and will be released on November 20, 2020. It would be surely a very interesting and definitely attractive considering the potential of the console and the fact that the package should also include a DualSense, a controller that is technologically much more advanced of the classic DualShock, and the paper characterized by costs of production and components, and certainly not recently.

Here is the image at the center of this leak:


It is interesting to note how within the same discussion of Reddit is to make reference to another alleged leak coming from the well-known retailer Target. According to a statement from a user, the portal would be published and then removed a page dedicated to the PS5 Digital Edition in which it indicated a price of $400.

In short, it is only rumor, but in this case you might hope for something much more concrete. €500 and €400 for the two versions of Sony’s console would have a price it’s not bad.

What do you think?

Source: Reddit