Good news for all the fans of Torchlight 3, since during the PC Gaming Show has been released on the Steam version Early Access of the title, accompanied by a new trailer.

The Early Access of a Torchlight is currently on sale on the client Valve at a price of € 29.99 and, as it says in the page official Steam of the game, the content in the Early Access are:

“4 playable classes, 2 Acts complete dozens of quests, a Strong customizable by the players (full of enchantment, refining and resource deposits), and more than 100 legendary items, and a myriad of weapons, areas, and boss battles”.

According to the development team, in a matter of a few months the title should be released in its final version, and in the course of the next few weeks we will be introducing content in endgame and to be completed in Act 3. It should also be pointed out that at the end of the Early Access, the developers will perform the classic “wipe”, which will reset all progress made by players in the course of the next few weeks, forcing them to start from scratch, the official launch of the title. In any case, all users concerned should proceed with the purchase while the game is in Early Access, since the price will increase at the time of the arrival of the release definitive.