Publisher Bethesda Softworks and Studio Arkane in the course of the show The Future of Gaming unveiled a new trailer for its stylish Thriller Deathloop. Now told new details about the next game.
Deathloop action takes place on a tropical island, and the main character, Colt, is here trapped in a time loop. He repeatedly lives the same day, until finds a way to break the loop and escape.
To achieve liberation, the Colt is supposed to kill eight people — that they support the loop. But make it sure to need one day: if one survives, everything will return to normal. Fortunately, the open world and time on our side: to study, to plan, to try and fail endlessly, each time becoming more experienced and stronger.
On the island no one wants to disrupt the order of things, so the whole population will resist the Colt. But most importantly, his most dangerous opponent, Julian black, ready to do anything to keep Colt out of the trap.
Each of the main characters strengths. Colt knows how to hack the device and be reborn after death. And Julian is able to take the guise of any resident of the island, and all NPCs ready to come to her aid.
What is most interesting — as Juliana could be another player. Controlled artificial intelligence opponent from time to time bursts into the event, if off PvP opportunities. But if they are included, sometimes Julian would be “alive”, and this unpredictability makes the game more dynamic.
Deathloop will be a temporary exclusive PlayStation 5. And after that the game will be released on PC.
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