Yesterday, we learned that the story of Agent 47 is coming to an end: IO Interactive announced Hitman 3, the dramatic finale of the trilogy of World of Assassination. The game will be released in January 2021 and players will travel around the globe: Hitman 3 add all the locations from the previous two games.
Meanwhile, those who began touring the Hitman with this trilogy, there is a great opportunity to find out how things were at the assassin with a barcode previously. Shop you can pick up for free Hitman: Absolution.
Hitman: Absolution came out in 2012, it was the last Chapter before the appearance of the updated Hitman. She surpassed the previous game, Hitman: Blood Money, but here there were a number of design decisions that have become fundamental to the trilogy. In particular, the system of recognition: “your” can easily uncover disguised as a stranger, but he can be a distraction in routine activities.
To remain a free Hitman: Absolution will be short lived: the offer ends June 15.
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