While it grows the wait for the event on the games PS5 which will take place at 22:00 this evening, Thursday, June 11, the development build of Minecraft on the PS4 has received an update that suggests the arrival of the compatibility with the viewer of the PlayStation VR on the PS4 and, presumably, with the console nextgen of Sony.

The anticipation of this important update is shared by the journalists of MP1st that, by taking the statements of some users who have been able to analyze the data of the last build for the developers of Minecraft, have traced the references to the support of PS VR.

The portal and track the updates inside of Minecraft reveals that the next update would be already in “beta” for the PlayStation version 4 of the blockbuster sandbox, Mojang, with a history of changes log that specifically mentions support for the “helmet of wonders” by Sony.

According to MP1st, the internal testing version in the Virtual Reality of Minecraft on the PS4 would have started in April, continuing through may with other interventions tracked only from the build for developers: with the June update, the patch notes mention the “Function PSVR Completed”. All this, of course, could be the prelude to the official announcement of the support of Minecraft on PS VR on the PS4 and why not, on PS5 through backward compatibility.

In view of the commercial battlefield which will take place at the end of the year between Sony and Microsoft with the launch of the respective console nextgen, the possibility to assist at the proclamation of this function in the course of the event on the games PS5 seems to be, however, is really very remote.