While fans of battle royale are preparing for the Season 3 of Fortnite, a Twitter user has tried to assume the appearance of the island sunk of the next Season with an image created in art which, however, was mistaken for real by the community.

In the impatient expectation to witness the advent of the next phase of the game free of Epic Games, the different users of social and forum games, the most followed have, in fact, taken up and shared the shot fan made on the island sunken of Fortnite believing that it was an image leak.

In the course of these weeks, on the other hand, are so many clues that suggested the imminent sinking (even if only partial) of the map of Fortnite Chapter 2: in this sense, it is emblematic the case teaser of Season 3, with the sound of the waves.

Not less interesting, from this point of view, then it is the glitch that allowed users to enter the Vault with speedboats and helicopters, a task that has offered a clue about the possible challenges, “marine and diving” that could happen during the Season 3 of Fortnite, whose departure is scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, on all platforms.