From today it is officially available on the Season 4 Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Warzone, which has led several innovations within the shooter weblog Activision. As in every season that is worthy of the name, a new season Pass has made its debut and there are also plenty of rewards free of charge.

Here are all of the rewards and the level to be achieved in order to unlock them:

  • Level 1: project rare “Insensitive to the gun 1911
  • Level 6: 100 Points COD
  • Level 11: the adhesive rare “Sapper”
  • Level 15: gun “Fennec”
  • Level 21: the project, the legendary “Eyes fixed” for assault rifle, Golf
  • Level 24: lucky charms rare “Donor”
  • Level 28: spray rare “Shadows of grenades”
  • Level 31: assault rifle “CR-56 AMAX.”
  • Level 34: watch the legendary “mini-map”
  • Level 37: emblem epic “The die is cast”
  • Level 29: skin vehicle epic “Eagle Rock”
  • Level 44: sticker rare “Under cover”
  • Level 48: 100 Points COD
  • Level 55: the project, the legendary “Hammer” for guns Echo
  • Level 61: spray rare “Love immortal”
  • Level 64: the ticket to visit the legendary “Beautiful evening”
  • Level 67: emblem rare “Rocket sign”
  • Level 72: sticker rare “Sad reality”
  • Level 77: business card epic “Helicopter shot down”
  • Level 81: project legendary “Stream” for sniper rifle Good
  • Level 84: good luck epic, “Smoking”,
  • Level 88: spray rare “At the disposal”
  • Level 94: emblem the legendary “Noble”
  • Level 98: 100 Points COD

We remind you that on our pages you will also find a guide on how to complete the Contract Smuggling in Call of Duty Warzone, thanks to which you can get a free project legendary.