When it comes to Skyrim, you probably do not there are never too many mods to use. The user of Reddit 955StarPooper has shown how the whole look of Skyrim can be transformed with the help of the mod, or to be precise, with the help of more than 300 modw.

Using the PC version of the Skyrim Special Edition, 955StarPooper has asked for the help of the excellent – and in this case need to Mod Organizer 2. The two main components on which is built the whole of the company are the Skyrim Script Extender, required for the mod processed, and the mod for the EMB, which removes some of the built-in filters and improves the appearance of the game so you can apply other mod graphics.

In addition to this, there are over 300 mod various the user has entered in the game, most of which focuses solely on graphics. The user of Reddit has also kindly created a spreadsheet that catalogues all the mod and reconnect to the download pages, which is available for those who want to replicate the experience. For the occasion, the player also has published a short video that shows the beautiful graphics of the game moddato.

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Practically another game, don’t you think?

Source: VG247