The saga of Halo, among the many that have followed in the course of the years in the gaming industry, is among those who has been able to offer the public a fascinating, rich and cohesive, which was gradually widened through products cross-media as books, TV series and comic books.

This is one iconic series featuring a fictional unmistakable and solutions to gameplay that have literally made a school in the field of the FPS, by setting new standards that even today are religiously respected by anyone who wants to develop a product that belongs to this genre.

One of the architects of that success was Marcus Lehto, the legendary Creative Art Director of Bungie who worked on the first person of the characterization of the characters, locations and the many distinctive elements of the epic story of Master Chief.

After having participated actively in the implementation of five of the most popular titles related to Halo, however, Lehto has left their place in Bungie to pursue the development of videogames, independent, founded, in 2014, the study, known as the V1 Interactive. Needless to say that, given the important curriculum of Lehto and the presence of other figures that are quite known in the world of video games inside the team, the development of their first work has been followed with particular attention.

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Today, after several years of work by a team of about 30 people, we are ready to talk about the debut title V1 Interactive, that Disintegration that had already had the opportunity to praise in home preview of the alpha version of the multiplayer.


  • Developer: V1 Interactive
  • Publisher: Private Division
  • Version tested: PC
  • Availability: June 16,

Unlike many other exponents of the genre in which the multiplayer segment represents the only real attraction of the package, Disintegration has managed to surprise us with a campaign single-player of absolute value, whose lore has been expertly dashed by the script-writers of the V1 Interactive.

We find ourselves in a future dystopian where the Earth has been plagued by a series of disasters as devastating as climate change, sudden, lack of food and water and the spread of the terrible pandemics viral, has forced humanity to search for a way to be able to face her darkest moment and avoid extinction.

The solution, designed by a team of scientists from various parts of the globe, is a process of biomechanical called ‘Integration’. It is, in essence, a surgical procedure through which you can grub the brain of the people and put in a robotic body, while preserving the character traits, but gaining a physical form, devoid of the physiological needs of man, and immune to diseases.

Disintegration_1The protagonist of the game is the Romer Shoal, a famous ex-pilot of Gravicicli whose past hides the lights and the shadows.

In the initial plans, the Integration was supposed to be a temporary expedient that would have allowed human beings to cross the period of catastrophic that the planet was experiencing without risking to be swept away, and conceiving, at the same time, a strategy for moving humanity toward a brighter future.

With the passing of the years, however, a collective of androids integrated called Rayonne has begun to consider this procedure as the natural next step in human evolution, giving up quickly to the idea of return in possession of their own bodies biological.

Soon, therefore, the Rayonne have taken actions in coercive and violent towards anyone showing impatience for this new existential condition, coming to attack with brutal methods of the last bastions of human society and establishing a real oppressive regime on Earth: the civil war is inevitable. On the other side of the fence, in fact, we find the Outlaws, a group of ics that are fighting for the rights of humanity, and that you wish to return to the previous life.

Our protagonist is Romer Shoal, a famous pilot of Gravicicli that has played a key role in convincing the population to undergo the process of Integration and, after some misadventures, joins the forces of the rebellion against the fierce Black Shuck and the Rayonne. Its history is made up of lights and shadows that the game will explore in the course of the campaign that will lead him to redeem some of the mistakes in the past.

Disintegration_2Control scheme, drawn up by V1 Interactive is intuitive and easy to master. The fights are really pleasant to deal with.

Of course we do not want to anticipate anything about the facts that are taking place in the course of the plot to not spoil the fun of the discovery but we would like to emphasize as the work done by V1 Interactive is absolutely convincing, both in terms of the solutions narrative in the aspect of pace.

The plot, in fact, is told through brief interludes movies always rather pleasant to follow and devoid of any kind of narration, a caption that would have broken the flow too of the action, the pride and joy of the production.

Already, because if on the one hand, we have appreciated a lot the effort of the team to propose an original story and multi-faceted as that of Disintegration, on the other, it is easy to see that most of the efforts of V1 Interactive is focused on creating a formula of gameplay rather new and galvanizing. The structure is that of a first-person shooter that is strongly characterised by an interesting hybridization with the strategy genre in real time.

The Gravicicli, powerful combat aircraft, equipped with the weapons more varied, therefore, assume a leading role in the economy of the game, because, thanks to their ability to fluctuate by several meters from the ground, offer the player a chance to analyse the field of battle in order to initiate effective tactical offensive and hit enemies by exploiting their weak points. Our Romer, is also placed at the head of a squad of infantry of the earth that will wait for its orders to attack or use special abilities.

Disintegration_3Each of the allies shall be equipped with a skill set unique in that it will be necessary to exploit in order to have the better in battle.

Flying over the terrain of the game, then, you can move your allies, directing their firepower toward specific goals and make them interact with points of interest and useful to progress in the campaign, all with the simple press of a button. If there is a merit that must be recognized to Marcus Lehto, and members, indeed, is to be able to make a diagram of the controls very intuitive, which allows users to enter in confidence with the Graviciclo and move it without problems in three dimensions by adding, at the same time, orders and covering fire from above.

In addition to this, however, there are a number of active abilities unique to each member of the team that contribute to stratify the various fighting tactics that you can perform. Great importance has been given to the mechanics of ‘stun’ opponents, after having undergone a certain amount of damage, they enter a critical state and can be deleted in a few hits before they start to recharge, it will be essential to perceive the activation of this penalty in order to break down easily the antagonists more tough.

The skill of our allies, therefore, range from the simple grenade stun (that can trigger a critical status to all enemies in a certain area-of-effect) to the field of slow (able to stop time in large portions of the scenario) passing from the barrage of mortar useful to inflict devastating damage. Each of the skill can be used at will, provided you can wait for a short period of cooldown between uses.

All the characters can be upgraded by collecting special Chips in the course of the campaign that will be spent to increase their fire power, damage resistance, recovery time of the skills and much more, therefore, the exploration takes on a role unexpectedly relevant. It is clear, though: we are far from the refined management of the statistics typical of the RTS, but it’s still a good way to personalize the experience by encouraging some aspects of the evolution of the fighters at the expense of others.

Disintegration_4The artistic direction of the game is rather inspired.

We are facing a single-player campaign without any defect? Of course not. The missions that make up the history of the game show quickly the next to a certain repetition of the bottom, perhaps due to the particular gameplay style adopted that allows the player to get off from the Graviciclo or to perform different activities from those of command.

In addition to this, also, it is important to mention the slight lack of variety in terms of enemy troops, which too often end up with homologation between them and will not ever represent a real threat to the player, also because of an Artificial Intelligence far from finished.

Technically, finally, Disintegration stands on good levels: the artistic direction is in the smallest details, and the universe imagined by V1 Interactive is charming enough to turn on the interest of the player and give him a valid reason to continue with the adventure for a single player.

The polygonal modeling of the characters and the opponents are not definitely among the best we have see in recent times but is sufficient to support the weight of the ambition of the game without showing too many uncertainties. Good, however, the work carried out on the level design, which is always rather clean and readable.

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Disintegration_5The fund’s multiplayer is one of the most significant aspects of the game as well as the key to its success in the long term.

For the moment, we can tell you that Disintegration is a title from the identity of a very well-defined that seeks to bring a breath of fresh air in a market as crowded as that of the FPS. The hybridization with the strategy genre in real time is an idea that works well in the single player campaign, but that leaves room for doubt on the frantic multiplayer battle (as we’ve already said in its preview). V1 Interactive is present at the meeting with the players with a product that is all in all enjoyable to play and that bodes well on the future work of this young development studio.

Before giving a vote, however, it remains to test thoroughly the goodness of the multiplayer segment, a key component for the success of the project in the long term. We will certainly talk about it in the next few days, when the servers will be more populated and we will be able to play the necessary number of sessions to give a judgement made.