After finally announced the launch date of Season 4 of COD Modern Warfare, and Warzone, Infinity Ward, confirmed to be working to reduce the weight of the blockbuster FPS and its counterpart battle royale free.

To report on the efforts made by the software house internal to Activision to “streamline” the weight of the latest iterations of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is Ashton Williams. The executive communications manager of Infinity Ward, explains, in fact, on social that “we’re continuing to sift through all of the resources to reduce the size where possible and further optimize the patch in the future. As a reminder helpful to players, remember that if you want to free up space on the hard disk, you can uninstall the packages of the contents of the mode that you’re not playing”.

Always in relation to the interventions made by Infinity Ward, Williams declares that “the download of Season 4 will be large. In order to reduce the overall disk space occupied by Modern Warfare, and Warzone, we’re compressing a lot of resources. Once you install this update, the launch of Season 4, it will only take 4 GB of extra space on the console for all the new content”. From the words of the leader of Infinity Ward, however, we do not know if the future updates to fans of the shooter from Activision will witness a further “weight loss cure” for the huge disk space occupied by the COD Modern Warfare and Warzone.