The next game Naughty Dog, according to creative head of the Studio of the Nile Drachmann, may be either a continuation of The Last of Usor a new intellectual property.
The company has not yet decided on their next project, because after The Last of Us: Part II the team has yet to bring before the release of online mode, it was decided not to make part of the sequel, because the campaign and multiplayer was very large.
Now a creative Studio’s brainstorm on the theme of the next project, because they have nothing to do with “One of us: Part II”. What would be the best idea, whether it be the third The Last of Us or a new IP, for the embodiment of the will.
In addition to this, Drachmann busy preparing the series on The Last of Us for HBO, which can show much more to the story than what was in the game.
Drachmann does not exclude that the show will pay more attention to the relationship of Joel and his daughter Sarah prior to the beginning of the Apocalypse, which showed in the game, or about the shadowy past of the hero. The pilot episode of the series, by the way, will remove the Director of “Chernobyl” Johan Renk.
The Last of Us: Part II comes out on 19 June and a week before that appears related.
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