After discussing the opportunities offered by the Smart Working of the Ori, the founder of the Moon Studios, Thomas Mahler, has reflected on the potential of the SSD, hyper-fast to PS5 and its contribution in video games cross-platform.

In the course of a discussion made with the community of ResetEra, the creative director of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and the previous chapter of the series metroidvania Ori has tried to speculate on future scenarios in the development of the video games on systems nextgen to explain that “I would be really surprised to see that the greater of the third-party developers decide to make their games starting from the lowest common denominator of hardware nextgen. I mean, there is literally 0% chance that the levels of the games nextgen to be changed just because PS5 can upload them more quickly, and this simply because it would be too expensive and would require much additional work to do so.”

For Mahler, therefore, are the only securities in which the actual capacity of the SSD, custom PlayStation 5 will be expressed will be the games first party PlayStation Studios and third party projects developed exclusively for the next generation of Sony’s console: “The SSD is super fast PS5 is perfect for beginners, but has no economic sense to adapt heavily a multiplatform game on this hardware element. You will have to work with what there is on PC and Xbox, then we are already talking about 2 platforms against 1”.

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