As the programme of the digital event organized by the guys of Bungie has given way to the software house of Seattle to officially announce Over the Light, the new expansion of Destiny 2, which will give the start to the Season the Arrival of their blockbuster sci-fi.

The new chapter of Destiny 2 will officially start on the 22nd of September of this year. In describing the contents of the Season of Arrivals, Bungie explains that this new phase game of their sci-fi shooter is designed to immerse fans in a dimension that is in continuous evolution, both from the point of view of the narration and the content.

The rich program organized for the Year 4 Destiny 2 will start with more Than the Light, of an expansion that will reveal some of the mysteries of the lore of the series and will grant to the Guardians the unique opportunity to discover new powers, but not before being confronted with the frightening threat from the beings that pilot the Ships in a Pyramid.

These gigantic ships appear in the Solar System to pursue a purpose not clear, hence the need for the heroes of the Tower to go to Jupiter to face the Ship’s first Pyramid flow forth from this enigmatic alien race. The battle between the Guardians and the Ships Pyramid will therefore be the conductor of all the main events in which we will witness (and participate) in the course of the Season, the Arrivals, starting with the Over the Light that will be available from 22 September 2020 on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Staff, and then on PS5 and Xbox Series X.