On the occasion of a session, AMA (Questions and Answers) held on Reddit, the manufacturer of the WWE 2K22, Patrick Gilmore, has confirmed the cancellation of WWE2K21 and promised fans of wrestling by 2K that the next chapter will be “developed on the philosophical foundations for the new”.

The veteran of the gaming industry called 2K to revive the fortunes of this iconic saga has explained that its intention is precisely to place the development of the next episode on “philosophical foundations of the all new”, without, however, losing sight of the spiritual heritage of the most popular chapters of the past such as WWF No Mercy and WWF SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain.

In the course of the AMA, Gilmore explained that the authors of the Visual Concept you are focusing on a profound improvement plan of the contents, divided into six points, each one dedicated to a founding element of the gaming experience. The points listed by the manufacturer are Gameplay, Online, Character Creation, Appearance, and customization of the aesthetics of the Wrestler, Physical and WWEX, which is an acronym for “Experience WWE”), that is all those scenic elements that contribute to capturing the essence of the brand WWE, and the spectacle of the wrestling matches.

Always according to Gilmore, the developers of WWE 2K22 aim to give life to a project that is able to constantly update themselves to give way to the fan to receive the contents of the original and the activities they participate in, but without specifying if the title will adopt or not the formula of the GaaS (Games as a Service, the so-called “Games as Services” or continuous development). It is not yet clear, finally, if the WWE 2K22 will also be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.