We publish in full and without censorship, the press release Federesports, relative to the letter of the number one of the CONES is sent to the dr. Bum, in which was to formally start the process of recognition of esports in our Country.

“Under date of 22 may 2020, the President of CONI, Dr. Giovanni Malagò, with a letter to the Comm. Michele Barbone, President of the organising Committee for the recognition of the And Sports in Italy, he gave note of the work so far done by the Committee and by the structures by the same aggregate, inspiring and invitandoloa continue and develop the path in order to create the conditions, in agreement with the offices of CONI for the recognition on the part of the Italian National Olympic Committee.

This news has been given – in the way, however, for this timely and necessary communication to both IESF that to WESCO such as international organisations currently operating in the sector of E – Sports, as well as to other organization existing in Italy, in order to start a positive confrontation and constructive unification of the emerging sports movement launched by the organising Committee of the above.

Unexpectedly, the communication signed by the President of the olympic committee was, without any permission, disclosed through a variety of communication tools and social media, newspapers and magazines,accompanied by remarks, comments and statements all instrumental and distorted, however, does not correspond to the truth, which, in evading any essential policy of comparison, and programming, would pretend to affirm, on the basis of the recommendation of the President of the CONES, the existence of their “status” and recognition, which is indeed completely foreign to the reality of the sort Italian sports.

Considering that the dissemination of such news creates considerable confusion among experts and among stakeholders in the world of electronic sport, painting a reality that is totally not true, with this release inviting the media to address, pursuant to applicable provisions in the matter of printing, to want to rectify the unfounded news pubblicatea regard to the letter of the President of the CONI indicated above, stating that the charge to the Comm. The poodle, in terms of the communication of the President of the CONES, there is no reference to one or other of the pre-existing national organization, but to a path started by the organising Committee and to continue along the lines and settings that are already tracked by the Committee and shared by the CONES, which are in line with a correct approach to the world of Esports under the profile of the respect of the olympic values, completely unrelated to other organizations that suggest themselves in this role without, however, being able to boast no legitimacy in this sense.

For these reasons, Federesports, believing to have been damaged in their role and in their legitimate expectations, hopes that, through the appropriate adjustments to the header address will want to do about this unpleasant episode, it will be possible to avoid the initiation of legal initiatives, which, if different, should necessarily be taken into consideration.

Remaining at your disposal for any clarification on this spiacevolissima situation, send the most cordial greetings.”

The hope is that the atmosphere that is breathed in these troubled days does not lead to a total paralysis of how it is painstakingly done up to this moment. We are always on the side of esports.