Remember, in December 2018, Ian Bell (CEO of Slightly Mad Studios) formalized the development of Project CARS 3, allowing fans of the series to imagine what could be the next episode. But since then, it was the silence-radio complete, development teams focusing on their work for this happens in the shortest possible time. The end of this mutism voluntary came to an end a few hours ago with the release of the first trailer, released who is more in 4K history of the eyes. This third episode has the firm intention to immerse themselves like never the player in the race hard and pure with extreme sensations. To do this, Slightly Mad Studios has planned major changes in the Career mode by integrating RPG elements, like experience points to earn and distribute over the course of evolution.

On screen, this is materialized by different events and varied to enable us to drive multiple types of cars on paths that are taxed of course, knowing that he will have to comply with very specific rules. The idea for developers is to progress step by step in achieving the objectives requested as to exceed a specific number of competitors during a race, or for achieving a required speed. The system XP set up is reminiscent of that of Forza Motorsport, where every time you corsica the difficulty in removing the driving aids, it allows you to increase the experience multiplier. In this regard, no micro-transaction is provided in the game will unlock in-game, which is good news and also a good way to avoid a bad buzz in the community and on social networks.

Side conduct, we do not know if Project CARS will retain its requirement for pure simulation or if this episode will attempt to appeal to a wider audience : it will have to wait for a first grip to have the heart net. In the meantime, we promise racing to the four corners of the world, day or night, and it is hoped that weather conditions will add to these races, which are already announced to be very hot. The output of this Project CARS 3 is already announced for this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it will arrive three years after the second episode. A gestation time is more than correct for the result of a racing game.