The following day, 5 June 2020, will be held the last round of the tournament Red Bull Ring Masters, the challenge is dedicated to all players of Gran Turismo Sports for the PlayStation 4.

This is the last chance to qualify and try to take home the ultimate prize: a session of coaching with a pro-gamer GT. For this reason, if you are interested, we invite you to read the official press release below, where are given all the information necessary to participate in the event:

“The Red Bull Ring Masters, the tournament dedicated to fans of sports simulations engine, it is now in the final stages. Indeed, there remains a single day of races at the end of hard-fought tournament dedicated to all the players of Gran Turismo Sport, which originated in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment in Italy. In the 3 previous days have already been held, have been well over 1000 pilots in the grass that have participated in the qualifying rounds in an attempt to reach the starting grid for the final.

The rules of engagement are few and simple and allow anyone to demonstrate their driving skills to the edge of the only super cars allowed in the race, the Honda RAYBRIG NSX CONCEPT-GT ’16, along the curves and straights of the legendary circuit Red Bull Ring. To enter the tournament you interact directly with the dash-board of the PlayStation 4, which will manage the automatic matchmaking of the pilots and all the game session of the tournament.

The tournament takes place in two distinct phases of the game which will be played all on the same day. The first phase includes a series of qualifying rounds in the exciting mode is 1vs1 which will aim to select the 8 riders who will dispute the final race of the tournament, to which will be added a pro player from the official team Red Bull Racing.

The best player that they have had the ability to stand out during the final race, will have the opportunity to spend an entire game session in the company of the pro player of the scuderia esports, Red Bull Racing, to learn all the secrets of the game to compete at the highest levels.

More information on the regulation of the Red Bull Ring Masters are available on the official website. To follow all the matches of the tournament live streaming, just log on to the official channel Twitch of Red Bull Italy, or on the channel Facebook Sony PlayStation Italia.”

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What do you think? You will participate in the competition?