Our colleagues from IGN had the opportunity to speak at length with Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil. After having given its opinion on the role of zombies in the game scary today, it has obviously been questioned about GhostWire : Tokyo, his next title to be released under the aegis of Bethesda Softworks. Without saying too much, he briefly explained the genesis of the project. “We started based on an idea from the director [Ikumi Nakamura, editor’s note] and the vision she had, he entrusted to you. The starting team was composed of five persons who have worked for six months. Then we moved up to a dozen individuals for a few years, before entering full production.”

You have the impression that the development of GhostWire : Tokyo began a century ago ? You’re not wrong. “Compared to everything I’ve ever done before, this is probably the game for which I take most of my time,” admitted Mikami-san, who, since the departure of Ikumi Nakamura, who don certainly must be content with the role of executive producer. As we do not know if it has been replaced.