A console key fobs, available in a variety of colors and with just one game preloaded included, these are the original plans of SEGA to the Game Gear Micro, as revealed by the project manager in the course of an interview published on Famitsu.

Initially, the goal as stated was to only include one game for each coloration and launch on the market many models, presumably at a fraction of the price, the plans, however, are changedby varying many times. At a certain point in the development it was decided to equip each mini console with three games instead of four, then the authors have tried to suggest that a selection based on the franchise more popular, but also this solution has been discarded because of the lack of variety that would provide. We discover, moreover, that initially the input jack for the headphones was not planned with the objective of keeping the price lower but the addition proved to be essential to allow players to enjoy the best sound and original soundtracks.

Game Gear Microdebutterà in Japan on 6 October 2020 (exactly thirty years after the launch of the original version) in the colors yellow, red, blue, and black, each containing four different games including OutRun, Sonic Chaos, The G. G. Shinobi, Columns, Puyo Puyo Tsu, Shining Force II and Gunstar Heroes. At the moment, no confirmation has come regarding a possible debut of the micro-console in the West.