Valorant is finally available, and Riot has released the first theatrical trailer of the game for the occasion.

The trailer, called Duelists, shows off part of the personality of the different characters of Valorant. Apparently, Phoenix is on a mission to prevent Jett to install some kind of device, even if it is not clear what it is or what it does.

Both characters have many of their abilities, with Phoenix that uses all its powers of fire, to prevent Her escape. Jett uses his jumps to get away and uses even his Ultimate to throw some knives, and slow. The trailer ends with a comparison between the two.

Valorant is not the first game that Riot has made short animated films. The society publishes occasional video for League of Legends that are usually of high quality. This new short film Valorant is part of the plot of episode 1: the Ignition, but it is not clear when will the next video.

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Source: Polygon.