The presentation of the Unreal Engine 5 on the PlayStation 5 has impressed the fans and the specialized press, thanks to a quality of graphics never seen before. In an interview published by VG247, the designer of Epic Games, Nick Penwarden has revealed some background on the collaboration with Sony.

The VP Engineering of Epic is back, in fact, to speak of the qualities of the new SSD PlayStation 5 and of the advantages that the new architecture will bring to next generation games. In particular Penwarden explained that the “PlayStation 5 offers a huge leap forward in the computing and graphics power, but its storage architecture is really special.” The engineer then added, “The ability to transmit streaming content at extreme speeds, enabling developers to create environments with more dense and detailed, by modifying the way in which the same contents are designed. This architecture is so effective that we have rewritten our I/O subsystems for the Unreal Engine , having in mind the PlayStation 5″.

In short, the words of Nick Penwarden emphasize once again the close collaboration between the two giants of the industry. Meanwhile, Sony has accelerated the production of new SoC for the PlayStation 5 in which the peak is expected for the summer.