Boneloaf has announced that it will now self-publish Gang Beasts. Originally a publisher of games made by Double Fine, but Boneloaf noted that the Studio Tim Schafer turns publishing program, after last year it was bought by Microsoft.
Now the authors are working on Gang Beasts patch 1.13, which is made on Unity engine version 2019.3 and includes improvements and bug fixes user interface, audio, costumes, gameplay and achievements. In the future, the developers plan to release new levels and costumes.
Recall that in Gang Beasts plasticine characters to sort things out on the streets Stuffing city. Players are waiting for the comical fights and absurd scenery, and support local and network multiplayer.
Gang Beasts originally came out in December 2017 on PC and PlayStation 4 in March 2019 made it to the Xbox One. In December last year, the console version got a physical copy. Their publisher made Skybound Games.
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