Who said next-gen consoles, says also games more beautiful, more detailed, and more complex, which is necessarily more complicated to perform. Without surprise, the cost of developing these games therefore, should climb. According to Jim Ryan (CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment), which is entrusted to our colleagues at Gamesindustry, create a game that reaches the level of the demo “Lumen in the Land of Nanite” Unreal Engine 5 will require quite a budget.

I think that with the possibilities offered by this new technology, the graphics are going to become more and more realistic, and the games will result in more investment of financial and human to be able to be developed. However, we do not expect an explosion of development budgets.

There is no doubt that such problems will affect all developers wanting to make titles technically ambitious, but it remains to be seen if this increase in development budgets will have consequences for the consumer. Will there be fewer games in triple-A developed ? Should we expect a price increase, or is it that the publishers will take on this additional cost to their load ? In short, many questions to which we should be able to answer by the end of the year.