After the sighting of numerous placeholder of Nintendo games Switch at different retailers, check now an additional report that suggests a new appointment coming up for the House of Kyoto.

To make the background of the sighting is again Amazon France, among whose lists had already appeared a mysterious game Koch Media Nintendo Switch. Now, a new page displayed on the e-commerce portal unveils a game signature Bandai Namco is intended to make its way on the Nintendo console. As already happened in other cases, the card does not offer any additional detail related to the production: it is not, in fact, no description or detail related to a possible window of release.

The sightings linked to the news coming for Nintendo Switch are made at this point quite numerous, and the hypothesis that a new Nintendo Direct will be in the home stretch of arrival does not seem totally unrealistic. As usual, however, to be certain that you will need to wait for an official confirmation from the part of the House of Kyoto. However, it should be highlighted how, at the time, the difficult situation in the united states is pushing the different players in the industry to postpone their appointments. Example of this is the postponement of the reveal PS5, initially scheduled for Thursday 4 June and now postponed to a later date.