Konami has issued a platform action Skelattackby Ukuza. The game is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. In particular, in Steam you could buy it for 435 roubles.
Skelattack — parody Thriller in which we get the role of the skeleton living in the Underworld. He was going to while away the days after his recent death in a happy and serene island, Pokefarm with other skeletons. But then their world was invaded by people.
Insidious live going to find the source of magical power of the Blue torches, thanks to which the dead live forever in the Afterlife. To prevent them can only Scully and his friend Imber, bat.
Players will find many dangerous and exciting challenges and adventures that are also quite safe: after all, Scully is able to endlessly rise from the dead.
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