Founder and CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney in an interview with Gamespot said that free distribution in the Epic Games Store to help increase sales of games on other platforms.
If you don’t like games such as Satisfactory, you will not go and spend the money to buy a Satisfactory. But if you get it for free, you will understand that it’s a terrific game. Thus people have discovered many great games.

In addition, it is beneficial for developers. Most of those who made their games free in EGS, found that their sales on Steam and on console platforms increased due to increased awareness.

So this is a very positive strategy that attracted tens of millions of new users into the ecosystem of Epic Games.

Tim Sweeney
However, Sweeney noted that the free distribution of games in EGS was partially inspired by the Humble and GOG. According to the head of Epic Games is fantastic shops, which start with a large number of features than the EGS, but have spent years trying to capture half the market share occupied by Steam.
We soon realized that we need a very daring and destructive approach, so we launched the program of free games and was launched exclusives.

We knew that many aspects will be controversial in some respects, especially among the hardcore Steam gamers, who have bought hundreds of games on Steam and want to buy all their games on Steam.

Tim Sweeney
This approach worked and allowed Epic Games Store to capture about 15% of the market. The figures continue to grow. In addition, the head of Epic Games admitted that this approach made him “the sworn enemy” of some hardcore PC players.
Media has estimated that in the Epic Games Store gave free games to 2 thousand dollars
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