Nintendo began its history as a manufacturer of playing cards, and occasionally he loves to remember his past to the younger fans. He did this fifteen years ago with a collection for the DS called 42 all-Time Classic. The operation nostalgia repeats itself now with 51 Worldwide Games for Switch, that collects in a single cartridge an infinite number of mini-games that have made the history of entertainment from the table.

View the wide selection of pastimes, inevitably each of you will develop preferences, and it will return more often on some mini-games but, at least initially, the approach resembles what you might have in front of a table sumptuously laid out: you spizzica quickly in search of the bits that are most suitable to their palate. In this Nintendo, there is help with a division (optional) in the categories that allows us to immediately frame the potential “bites” delicious.

It would surely have been simpler to present the public with the classic plank anonymous, but Nintendo loves to take care of every aspect of his games 51 Worldwide Games has opted for the menu is definitely more engaging and “social”. The first thing you’ll have to choose an avatar from a handful of predefined templates. You may not alter them in any way, but a card with a few details, you will be associated with other players, real and not.

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Describe in detail all 51 games included in the compilation would require an amount of space much faster than any at our disposal. On the other hand many of them are extremely famous and they really don’t need presentations. You will find games of chance such as Black Jack and Texas Hold’em Poker, pastimes from the table that marked the childhood of many, Forza 4 on all, but also solitary classics such as Spider and Klondike.

51 Worldwide Games

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Availability: June 5 – Switch
  • Version tested: Switch

Particularly funny are the versions of ‘toy’ of popular sports, from Boxing to Curling, going for the fun of Tennis, Football and Baseball. You seem to get in a games room of other times, or in a classic English pub when you encounter in the Air Hockey, Pool or Darts and you can easily ruin friendships with some of the game at the perfect clone of One or the irritating but irresistible Ludo (also known by the title do you Not Understand!

Every game has a start screen that explains the mechanical, some are even offer a tutorial that explain in detail the rules. This is one tip that is particularly useful for those games of the orient that we have had spread next to zero. Among these there are the Mahjong, one of the oldest games in the Chinese Chess, the Shoji (a strategic game which you will fall in love after a little practice) and also the Hanafuda, literally the “draw the Flower”, the card game with which Nintendo began his journey in the enterainment almost a century and a half ago.

51_Worldwide_Games_01A dream realized: the track power. Check out the cars with the JoyCon is not initially easy.

According to the challenge chosen you will have a different control system. The touch controls are quite precise, even if in games such as darts, or bowling once in a while tend to lose a bit of the compass. The problems we have had have been thankfully sporadic and linked solely to a pair of titles, in which you can still play through the JoyCon. The average duration of each title is a few minutes, but there are also challenges that can last longer… a challenge to the “Hare and Hounds”, for example, can last a few seconds but even a whole half an hour.

Every time you play any of the title of the collection you will unlock some funny curiosity, which will be presented during the loading screens, fortunately quite short. Complete a game means also unlock various achievements in the form of medals divided according to levels of difficulty. Longevity, needless to say, it is virtually eternal, especially in multiplayer, available both locally and online with up to 4 players.

To allow everyone to enjoy this feature 51 Worldwide Games will be available on Day One also a tasty Guest Edition. Free download from the Nintendo eShop will allow a maximum of three players to connect locally with the owner of the full version and challenge a selection of games available.

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51_Worldwide_Games_02Yacht Says is one of the games that we did not know and of which we could not do without, an illegitimate child between Dice and Poker.

Maybe not all the games included in the 51 Worldwide Games will be of your liking. It is very likely that less than half will please you and that perhaps you will return to play a maximum of ten.

But this is THE game that must reside permanently in a any Nintendo existing Switch. Is THE game that will keep you company between a mega-adventure and the other, on the train or in your home. The one where occasionally you go back even just to beat your record or your girl wants to challenge you to a quick game of Forza 4.