As we know, the next issue of Famitsu coming June 4 will contain a scoop on SEGA to the levels of the reveal of the PlayStation 5 on Wired, according to the words of the author. It is not clear what it is, but certainly not of an Xbox Series the X marked SEGA Japan.

A rumor spread over the weekend would like to, in fact, SEGA and Microsoft are about to announce a historic alliance for the launch of the Xbox Series X in Japan, with the latter intended to leave it as a console branded SEGA. In reality, a key personality in the chinese market, which has already had the opportunity to browse through the pages of Famitsu reveals how the ad on this has nothing to do with Microsoft.

The journalist author of the service has, minus that may also be the announcement of the Dreamcast 2, and merely underline their exclusive interview the manager of SEGA Corporation which are ready to reveal “something revolutionary”, even though as said we don’t know exactly what.

Excluding the Dreamcast 2 and a partnership with Microsoft, it is difficult to suggest other hypotheses, there is who talks about a possible acquisition by Sony and those who, instead, resize the expectations stating that he did not actually expect ads to be able to manipulate the world. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, and on Thursday we’ll know more.