Backward compatibility will be one of the distinguishing features of PlayStation 5. Sony has explained that its next-generation console will be able to turn the “majority of the more than 4000 titles of the catalogue PlayStation 4”.

To date, in each case, has not yet been disclosed, a list with all the games that will be backwards compatible to the debut of the end of the year (and subsequently). The only thing that is certain is that The Last of Us Part 2 will run on PS5 at launch without problems: to confirm it was the president and CEO Jim Ryan in person, on the occasion of the announcement of the event for the presentation of the games PS5.

It’s surprising, then, to discover that according to a Turkish dealer called Hepsiburada, the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible not only with PS4 games, but even with those PS3 and PS2. Sony has never confirmed any of it, having always left out of the equation the games coming from the older generations. That Hepsiburada knows something that we don’t know? It is not known with certainty, but according to us it is much more likely that the retailer’s Turkish is wrong, because it writes that it will be backwards-compatible with all PS4 games, PS3 and PS2. Sony has made it clear that not even the PS4 will be compatible in their totality…

About PS5, Jim Ryan has expressed a willingness to develop exclusive compatible only with the PlayStation 5. Of a different opinion from Microsoft, which will continue to create exclusive cross-gen for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Update – Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat has proved to be very skeptical about inviting tone piqued the user has found the information to “continue to share the GIF of Sheldon” instead of news about the video games.