In an unusual summer video game devoid of E3 2020, but full of show digital already confirmed, a new ad can come basically at any time.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the community gaming will be particularly vigilant and are monitoring carefully the catalogues of the most known retailers active in the sector, in search of any clues on the news coming in the near future. Well, the well-known Twitter user Nibel seems to have made a sighting very interesting.

The well-known uk retailer ShopTo has in fact added to its database a mysterious version for the PlayStation VR of Prey, the popular sci-fi adventure signed by Arkane. Never announced ufficialemente, the latter can be foreordained on the portal. As you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, at the moment there is not a box art final. On the dedicated card active on the portal details on the date of publication, while the list price is set at 59,49 euro. It will be an anticipation escaped the meshes of the controls, or a simple mistake?

Probably, considering the timing, the most suitable occasion to have one answer might be the event theme PS5 4 June. During the latter, in fact, could find space any announcements from Bethesda: what do you think, would you like to experience the journey of Morgan Yu wearing the VR visor Sony?