The team Gust Studios and the vertices of Koei Tecmo have recently exploited the showcase from the Cloud Matsuri 2020 to transmit a live stream dedicated to the RPG of Fairy Tail.

During the event, spectators were able to admire almost half an hour of gamepaly unpublished tract by the production of a videogame inspired by the manga, born from the pencil of Hiro Mashima. In particular, the developers showed the city of Crocus, the capital of Fiore. The area can be reached from the protagonist, after about two or three hours after the beginning of the adventure in Fairy Tail. Here, the Guild will be able to devote to the participation in the Grand Magic Games. To get an idea of the atmosphere that animate this new area, directly at the opening of this news you can find a video replication of the appointment: we wish you a good vision!

The role-playing game, remember, will Natsu and his companions on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC from next July. With a debut delayed several times, in fact, the date of the definitive publication of the GDR was recently the subject of a new postponement: the release of Fairy Tail in Europe is now waiting for the day of 30 July. Among the supported platforms include both PC and console, with versions of the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.