Apparently there would be news is not particularly positive for the fans of The Last of Us: Part II that they can’t wait to try the last effort of Naughty Dog coming exclusively on PS4 in less than a month.

The title is expected for June 19 and of course, many have entrusted themselves to the classic pre-order through Amazon or other retailers. Is the giant e-commerce to be at the centre of some of the entries and reports on the net that seem to confirm possible problems with regard to punctual delivery on day one.

Several players who made a pre-order on the portal would have received an email that revealed the impossibility of guaranteeing the delivery of the title on day one. The COVID-19 and the hardships created by the pandemic and by the quarantine imposed in these months are referred to as the central causes of the discomfort.

The problem may not concern only Amazon but also other retailers. Some bad news for you but the wait should not be too long.

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The new estimated delivery date indicated by virtually all users that received the email is, in fact, on the 23rd of June. The Last of Us: Part II, then, seems to find himself in a situation similar to that of Final Fantasy VII Remake, another title that received indications of possible delays for the physical copies before the actual launch.

We can only wait and hope for positive news. You have made a pre-order of The Last of Us: Part II and have received some communication about it?