The developers, Cloud Imperium Games have announced a free trial period for their popular title in development, Star Citizen, starting from today and until next June 1.

Called Invictus Launch Week, the event will allow new players to explore the universe of Star Citizen completely free of charge. You also have the possibility of use of spacecraft, different each day, to make test and fly without restrictions. Those interested can also buy some of these ships, directly from the store.

All those interested must register your account on the official game site at this address. Here, also, you can see the infographic on the official all that will be possible to live during the free event, also explained in the appropriate section online.


Remember that, except this event, to play Star Citizen you need to purchase one of the several “Starter Pack” available, the prices of which range from 45 to 1100 dollars.

At the moment the game is considered to be in Early Access and is free of a release date. Is also unknown the release of its single-player campaign, Squadron 42.

Source: VG247