Continues the debate on the Tech Demo of the Unreal Engine 5 on PS5, “Lumen in the Land of Nanite”. Also because of the lack of clarity in communication on the part of Epic Games and its CEO, Tim Sweeney.

Let’s make a recapitulation. According to the findings, the tech demo of the Unreal Engine 5 running on the PlayStation 5 to the resolution 1440p and with a framerate equal to 30fps. After the presentation, during a stream on the platform Bilibili, a developer chinese of Epic Games has stated that the same demo can turn the Engine, the Editor of the UE5 on his notebook PC is equipped with a Samsung SSD, NVMe 970 and an NVIDIA GPU RTX 2080 Q laptop at a resolution of 1440p and 40fps – then 10fps more than the PS5 and with a SSD from worse performance than the one mounted by the next-gen consoles of Sony.

When players have asked for an explanation from the CEO Tim Sweeney, the latter has denied repeating several times that while streaming a chinese was playing on the PC, a video of the demo running on a PS5. Several native speakers of chinese, however, have ensured that the developer Epic Games has referred explicitly to the potential of the demo running in real time on the PC, because it has responded to a direct question about it.

The debate is of course continued, and by his responses, Sweeney has continued to turn around the topic, not talking about never, in a specific way of how it could behave the demo on the PC, as it has its chinese employee. However, he added some interesting thoughts. The first thing he said: “All of the hardware of the next-gen consoles have not yet been launched and are under NDA (non-disclosure agreement, ndr). At the beginning of next year we will launch the first public version of the Unreal Engine with the full source code in C+, and everyone can dive in at their leisure”. In essence, he invited all those who have to wait until the next year to make such considerations.

Then he made an important clarification on how you got the framerate locked at 30fps on PS5. “To get a framerate of 30 fps 100% solid with Vsync of the demo, but the framerate needs to vary from 30fps to values much higher.” This means that on PS5, the framerate of the tech demo can exceed 30fps in many situations, but they opted for the lock to 30fps with Vsync to get a presentation constant. This is another reason for which, according to Sweeney, the comparison with the notebook of the developer, where the framerate was unlocked and free to go over 30fps, is not very reliable.