MicrosoftThat said privileged access also says device is preferred. Has the time to share these first impressions, only smartphones and tablets running Android were eligible in France to this phase of beta. There is no doubt that the Iphone and Ipad will not be in rest, certainly in a next round of testing. The opportunity for us to remember the purpose of the xCloud in the eyes of Microsoft, engaged for several months already on a clear policy : to provide the greatest gaming experience and the games from its catalogue to the greatest number, regardless of their hardware. Knowing that the catalog (we’ll come back to) present in this beta is directly derived from that of the Xbox One, it’s hard to imagine Microsoft developing xCloud on his console queen. This would be against the employment of the project, which is precisely to allow users to integrate the ecosystem Xbox without necessarily owning one. The coming months should see logically getting the xCloud on PC but also on television sets. In the meantime, this is on our Android smartphone we have lived the experience. Yes, but in what conditions ?


MicrosoftFor the rendering, it is necessary to clarify that the latter is obviously dependent on your connection quality. For our part, it was not possible nor advisable to play with a Wi-Fi connection to be able to launch and access the service. Overall, the latency was good and we have experienced very little lags and artifacts at our parties. Nevertheless, we sometimes had loss of flow (thanks to the containment, and then thank you, operator, company, too), affected by strong slowdowns of course, but also and especially by a warning visual on the part of the application, which then displays the level of connection to inform the player as to why his difficulties at the time. Clever.


MicrosoftPlace finally in the games ! It took a bit of a wait during our first visits to be able to play, it is clear that the returns were quickly taken into account by the teams of xCloud, since we seemed to see the improvement at this level. However, the waiting time, the same shortcut is there, that one starts a game or comes back, sometimes with a real loading time very long, to the point of wonder sometimes if the application does not simply… planted. However, starting a game is easy, as in out of addition, since the sub-menu, accessible in part, and very discreet (you must press the screen to see it) allows you to terminate at any time. Like any streaming service, you can leave wildly a party (to answer a call or other) and back to the place where we had left it, after re-launching the application.


MicrosoftA hundred games was proposed on this beta phase. The catalogue in question is free of charge, without any indication of future price, which leaves, obviously, in abeyance the payment policy and access to services, certainly connected in one way or another to the GamePass. There is everything in this catalogue, the safe bet with Halo 5, Halo Wars, Halo The MasterChief Collection, Gears of War and Gears 5 : Operation 3, Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Borderlands 2, Bleeding Edge, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, Madden 20, The Sims 4, Ori and The Blind Forest, or even Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Nothing new (except for Bleeding Edge) but consistent and effective (to play Halo, Gears, the Sims or Forza, it’s hard to sulk, right?) for a beta version. We can regret the absence, in addition to the license flagship of the range, a big game greedy (see my gaze, I think of Maximus and Red Dead Redemption 2) to judge xCloud in-depth, but here, unlike Stadia, Microsoft is not at its final version of its platform for cloud gaming. In any case, the experience differs depending on the games and their greed, also, in terms of response time. If Tomb Raider, Ori, or even Halo 5 turns without problem, this was not necessarily the case for Borderlands 2, Batman The Telltale Series or even Forza Horizon 4, with a shift of her important enough for the latter. This is a flat on which teams xCloud are going to have to work, waiting for his final exit.