Today, the publisher All in! Games has shared a new teaser trailer of Paradise Lost, the title in development at the university of PolyAmorous,

It is a mystery adventure game, in which is told the story of a 12-year old boy, in a Poland that is post-apocalyptic. Trying to survive in the wilderness and the war-torn, he will find a mysterious bunker belonging to the nazis, and discovers secrets far too absurd to be true.

If you’re curious, here’s the incipit of the game, taken from the official press release followed by the teaser trailer and first screenshots:

“The most recent history of the Earth. The Second World War has never come to an end. After 20 years of war, the nazis opted for a nuclear attack, that has changed the face of Poland for ever. Can a new world be born from the ashes of the old? Take on the role of a twelve-year-old as she explores a mysterious bunker, a nazi hiding in the desolate lands post-nuclear. You will find what you look for inside it? She is able to find peace after what she has suffered?

Explore a vast underground world where a mysterious advanced technology is mixed with the folklore and myths of the slavs. Are you ready to discover the fate of its old inhabitants? Discover the past and create the present. The decisions you make as you discover the history of the bunker will influence what you’ll see during your adventure.”.

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What do you think? You’re intrigued? Paradise Lost is expected on PC in the course of 2020, but will also come on the console at a date yet to be specified.