Yesterday, completely by surprise, was announced a new game directed specifically at next-generation console PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to the PC.

We’re talking about Paradise Lost, interesting project currently in the works at the university of PolyAmorous. The adventure is set in a context of a dystopian, in which the duration of the Second World War brought Hitler and his regima nazi bombing of Poland. According to what was declared by the developers, the Paradise Lost, will stage a journey through the five stages of the elaboration of grief, i.e. denial, anger, bargaining, grief and acceptance. Of great impact in the economy of the game to reveal the choices made by the players in a narrative context, straddling influences, slave, british, and retrofuturistiche.

The project seemed from the beginning very interesting, and we thought to dedicate a Special Video in which we collect all the information currently at our disposal. Before I leave you to his vision – is attached at the top of this news – we report that Paradise Lost is at the moment, lacks output, it should arrive by the end of this year.