Developers from the Studio Hopoo Games has announced that their cooperative action with elements of roguelike Risk of Rain 2 comes out of early access on Steam in August this year.
Initially, the 1.0 release was planned for spring. The authors note that the delay is caused by a desire to extend the update and not the coronavirus pandemic, which is almost unaffected by the Studio.
In the full version players are waiting for new survivors, final level, final boss, new items and equipment. The first of the extended functions has been the server browser with the ability to create public games.
Console players will get the next update in June, as planned. It will add artifacts 2.0, a new level, boss, items, and equipment. But the release of version 1.0 on consoles too postponed. Update with new survivors, final level, final boss, new items and gear will be released in the fall.
Recall that in Risk of Rain 2 players alone, or four to destroy hordes of monsters, collect artifacts and escape from a hostile planet. Each survivor has its own abilities, and trim system complexity is constantly strengthening enemies and turn bosses into regular enemies.
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