Directly from the Eighties, comes a not to be missed appointment for any fan of the videogame medium: on the fortieth anniversary of the birth of Pac-Man!

The famous yellow ball back for the occasion, the protagonist on the scene, thanks to a series of nice initiatives specifically dedicated to it. Among the latter we find the publication of a DLC dedicated to Pac-Man inside of Minecraft. The universe cubes designed by Mojang, thus meets the round character in a cross-over from the interesting content, presented with the trailer that you can view directly in the opening to this news.

The new DLC, available now in the Marketplace of Minecraft, allows players to make their way through the levels of Pac-Man, strictly re-created in three dimensions. Along the way, of course, there will be to wait for the ghosts to avoid them at all cost. In total, we are talking about ten levels, after which the most creative users will be able to dabble in creating their own personal interpretations of the universe of this character so iconic in the world of the video game.

The publication of the DLC to Minecraft, remember, is not the only initiative on the theme started for the day. For example, we can mention also the announcement of Pac-Man Live Studio, a production developed by Amazon Game Studios, and destined to find space on the streaming platform Twitch.