A few days ago, the first two lugs of the hold the Mafia Trilogy have been made available to players. While the Mafia 3: the Definitive Edition the other is not the same version that has already been launched in the past, complete with all the DLC, Mafia 2: Definitive Edition for consoles is a real remaster.

Unfortunately, it is a remaster of low quality. The web has been invaded by the testimonies of the players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (especially the first, where the situation seems to be worst) are having to do with glitches of all sorts, pop-in and reducing performance. In witness of the foregoing, there are the video attached in this news: the car that precipitate in a vacuum outside of the borders of the map, the other cappottano from the sun in the garage, glitch graphics on the vegetation elements, lights, sudden from heaven that they drop the framerate and items that appear on the screen at a very short distance. See it to believe it.

We hope that 2K Games to deliver as soon as possible, because in the current state Mafia 2: Definitive Edition is not beautiful, nor see, nor to play. Well other expectations against the Mafia: the Definitive Edition, which is currently in development at the studios of Hangar 13. Unlike the other two, it will be a true remake of the adventure’s villain Tommy Angelo.