Ghost of Tsushima, the wait for the exclusive PlayStation 4 Sucker Punch, is not an open-world like the other: there are no compasses, indicators, screen, towers to climb, or feature similar, but it is a title that adopts a user interface is extremely minimalist, to foster the immersion and the atmosphere.

Instead of having a brightly coloured arrow to indicate the point to be reached to continue with a mission, we have to let ourselves be guided by the wind in the game: simple, immersive and perfectly in line with the world of the samurai.

Of course, without any real indicators, the exploration of the game map in its entirety will become a real adventure. But it will be this adventure to give us the prizes more interesting, if we want to do the world traveler without a destination.

In an interview with PressStart, game director Nate Fox explained that the Ghost of Tsushima is mostly story and exploration and not mere loot. However, the equipment will be really important to survive against the Mongols, and follow only the main quest does not make the access to all the abilities and weapons available. To be always at the top, you will need to explore Tsushima in every nook and cranny, even far away from important areas.

“If you’ll approach the story of Jin from Samurai Ghost, you’ll have access to some abilities and weapons, but if you want to have some choice, you’ll have to explore, meet characters and visit places where nobody has told of the existence. The world will reward you. We made sure that the players interested to explore were rewarded. In order to have more opportunity, diversity, and opportunities for new styles of play and troubleshooting. One of the biggest challenges for a game of this kind, in trying to capture the essence of the wandering Samurai, was to accept the fact that not all the things that we have created would have been seen by the player. This is the price to pay in giving freedom to the player.”.

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It seems that the maniacs of the completismo will be the beautiful panoramic aimlessly throughout the island of Tsushima, if they want to win a full arsenal. The who, however, promises to be interesting.

What do you think? You prefer a approach like that, or you are loyal to the indications on the screen?

Source: SegmentNext