These days are active in the Mega-balance on the Epic Games Store, which provides discounts on many games in the catalog. The company of Tim Sweeney has, however, decided to make them even more appealing by providing a discount voucher of 10 euro for all, and also a series of free games in the rotation.

The first gift was one of those epoch-making, since all players could download free Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, from 14 to 21 may. As soon as the balances have gone live, the network began to circulate a photo portraying other supposed free games that are scheduled by Epic Games, or Civilization 6, Borderlands The Handsome Collection and the ARK Survival Evolved, with a lot of dates for availability.

In the light of recent developments it is highly probable that this image is untrue. Why? For the simple reason that, on the 21st of may, exactly as shown, it was really made available Civilization 6 free Epic Game Store. The trend seems to be confirmed, and there are serious possibilities that the next games will be Borderlands The Handsome Collection (from may 28) and ARK Survival Evolved (from 4 June). In expectation of absolute certainty, we suggest you do not purchase them from anywhere up to then, even in the discount!