After the launch of the game, the incredibly large community of Animal Crossing New Horizons, there has put a lot of time to discover ways to work around the limitations of the game and take advantage in any way of any glitches.

Some of them, without a doubt, among the best known, allow you to duplicate the objects, therefore allowing you to the players that it made use of to get resources practically unlimited. That was the case, for example, of the glitch that involved the tables of the 4×4 and 2×1, and the exploits of the mailbox with which he could be manipulated the self-rescue. Well, we can confirm that both became a distant memory. Nintendo has them deleted “silently” with the release of patch 1.2.1 a few days ago, as the notes have been confined to mentioning only vague bug fix. You can easily imagine the surprise of the habitual users of these tricks when they discovered that none of the two works.

Animal Crossing New Horizons, meanwhile, continues to dominate in sales to the japanese. The simulator Nintendo is so popular that it has become a target of PETA (association that fights for the rights of animals) which has taken advantage of the international day of museums, calling for a protest in-game to the detriment of the poor Blatero.