On this day, 30 years ago, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system 3.0. At that time it was only a graphical add-on to MS-DOS, but even then, the system included the legendary solitaire. Then came Windows 3.1, but “three” became popular and was sold over 10 million copies.
By today’s standards the system had very modest requirements — CPU Intel 8086/8088, 1 MB RAM and 6.5 MB of volatile memory on disk. At first, it was necessary to install MS-DOS and Windows has been run as a separate application. A similar structure is now implemented in UNIX-like operating systems, where also starts the X Window System.
And “three” can be run directly from a floppy disk, because not all PC then equipped with hard drives.
By the way, the support of Win32 applications appeared only in version 3.1.
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