Although the developers had confirmed the intention to reduce the effectiveness of the rocket launcher in Call of Duty: Warzone, it seems that the latest changes in the battle royale have not made this particular weapon even more lethal.

The area of impact of the rocket launchers has been reduced from 10 to 9 metres, but the damage inflicted in manner, direct and indirect, has undergone a remarkable increase. For this reason, there are plenty of players that are using a RPG, not so much to eliminate the opponents, but to hit the structures with a lot of damage in order to discover if behind which wall you are hiding one of the enemy teams. To encourage this practice, it is also the limit of rockets that each player can carry, since this system allows you to fire repeatedly without allowing the opponents to react in some way.

Waiting to find out what will be the next move of the developers, that would correct the problem with the update of next week, we remind you that recently arrived bundle of Ghost and 2 new maps in COD Modern Warfare, and Warzone.

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